These funds will support Annual Meeting costs of selected trainees, early-career professionals, and speakers from low-income countries.
As SSPC moves into the global mental health arena, it is increasingly important to hear from experts around the world, and especially from less affluent countries. Your generous contribution to the President’s Fund will make it possible to invite worthy speakers who might otherwise not be able to attend our meetings.
Steven Wolin

Past President, SSPC

Please support SSPC.  Your contributions will enable greater participation of trainees and early career investigators as well as members from low and middle income countries.  Help SSPC grow the field of cultural psychiatry!
Roberto Lewis-Fernandez

President, SSPC

Your generosity will help participation at our meetings by expert speakers from distant countries, and trainees and early career professionals. Contribute and help keep SSPC and the field of cultural psychiatry vibrant.
Ramaswamy Viswanathan

Board Member, SSPC

The President’s Fund

The President’s Fund has two purposes:

  1. Reduce the costs for trainees and early-career professionals to attend the Annual Meeting; and
  2. Defray the costs for invited non-member speakers to participate in the Annual Meeting.

MDs and PhDs who are starting their careers are vital to the future of our organization and to the field of Cultural Psychiatry. We appreciate that Annual Meeting registration fees prevent many trainees and early career professionals from attending the Annual Meeting.

Using the President’s Fund, we will be able to reduce the registration fees for these vital attendees. We also will be able to subsidize some of the expenses that arise every year when we invite special speakers, often from low income countries.

Our Board of Directors has generously promised 100% participation to this fund. We hope you will join them in this worthy cause. Your contribution today will help us lower the cost for trainees and early-career professionals to attend the Annual Meeting.

Contributions of any amount are welcome. Contributions of $250 or more will be acknowledged in our Annual Meeting program book.

SSPC is a 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Service code (Tax ID #93-1133972). Therefore, your contributions may be tax deductible as charitable contributions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either Liz or Roberto.

Unrestricted Use Fund

You may also designate your donation for unrestricted use to help us defray operating expenses.


Thank you in advance for your generous support of our organization.


If you prefer to mail your donation check, please print this Contribution Form.