Call for Nominations, SSPC Officers

by | February 15, 2012 | February 2012, Newsletter

After several years of planning and discussion, the SSPC Board of Directors has approved a process for nomination and election of officers. This will be an important change for the Society in its continued growth, and we are excited about it. We thank the Succession/Nomination Committee for developing this plan.

All officers will serve one 3 year term. The President may continue on the Executive Committee for another 3 year term as Past President. The Vice President will also be the President-Elect. The Secretary and Treasurer may be re-elected for a second term.

Job descriptions and responsibilities of each officer:

President: Overall management of the Society in coordination with the Executive Committee, Board, and Executive Director. Seeks advice from and presents proposals to the Board. More externally oriented, e.g., primary contact with external groups, connecting with other societies to initiate symposia, recruit members, etc.

Vice President (President-Elect): More internally oriented, e.g., coordinates Society committees with the Executive Director, including meetings of the Executive Committee.

Secretary: Coordinates communication with the Executive Director, including minutes, website, and publications.

Treasurer: Finances, including record keeping, collecting dues, raising funds.

Nominations are open to all members of the Society who are current with their dues. Therefore, if you haven’t yet done it, you must pay your 2012 dues before, or along with, your nomination submission. A dues form is included in this newsletter.

Nomination Process: Deadline March 1, 2012. Society members may nominate one or more candidates for each office, and they may self-nominate. Nominators should communicate with those they are nominating about their willingness to be nominated as an officer. The Succession/Nomination Committee will identify two candidates for each office and submit the nominees for a vote to all paid members of the Society. Electronic voting will occur in the Spring prior to the Annual Meeting and terms for each officer will begin at the Annual Meeting. All nominations accompanied by the candidate’s CV should be sent to Jim Jaranson, Chair, Succession/Nomination Committee at no later than March 1.

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