Education Committee Report

by | September 15, 2012 | Newsletter, September 2012

by Larry Merkel and Jim Griffith, co-chairs

We are working on several ideas for trainees this year:

a. Our case supervision session for trainees at the 2012 meeting in New York received very positive reviews. (See the resident’s review in this newsletter.) We are organizing a similar session for the 2013 meeting in Toronto.
b. A session for trainees on the history of cultural psychiatry is being considered
c. Also being discussed by the committee are:

1. An online discussion group, in the form of a listserv, blog, or forum.
2. A mentoring program where individual trainees would receive supervision by senior cultural psychiatrists.
3. An article for Psychiatry Annals, a special issue on cultural psychiatry to be co-sponsored by GW Dept. of Psychiatry and SSPC.
4. A presentation for a future APA meeting based in part on the SSPC case supervision presentations.
5. Working with Jim Griffith (who is a member of the PRITE Board) to improve the questions on cultural psychiatry, and the doctor-patient relationship.

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