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The SSPC Board of Directors is the governing body for the organization. It has the privilege and responsibility of maintaining the vitality of the organization, including its financial well-being and efforts toward meeting its mission. The board is comprised of officers (President, Vice President/President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President) and board members at-large. A maximum of 14 people may serve on the board. Board members serve three-year terms that begin at the time of the Annual Meeting (usually mid-April), and they may serve two consecutive terms. One position is reserved for a trainee, and one for a non-physician professional.

Day 1, Thursday, April 21, 2022

Time Session Speaker/Facilitator Abstract

12 – 1p ET

9 – 10a PT

John Spiegel Fellowship Presentation: Healing the Whole Family: An Educational Graphic Novel about Intergenerational Trauma in an Asian-American Family Nealie Ngo
Discussants: Grace Chiang, Eunice Yuen

1 – 1:30p ET

10 – 10:30a PT


1:30 – 3p ET

10:30a – 12p PT

Symposium 1: Gender Identities in the Storm: Embodying Oppression or Idiom of Resistance? Discussant: Cécile Rousseau Abstract
“We are not terrorists, we are ugly”: Ugliness as the core of the “true” masculine Incel identity Catherine Montmagny Grenier
“Gender Mainstreaming” and Violent Radicalization Rochelle Frounfelker
The Gender of Hate Yann Zoldan
Workshop 1: Addressing Microaggressions Directed at Health Care Providers: Strategies to Determine If, When, and How to Intervene Gabriela Nagy, Briana Brownlow Abstract
Workshop 2: Culturally Responsive Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Beyond the Treatment Manual Pamela Hays Abstract
Paper session 1: Directions in global mental health
Embodiments of Marxism Ideology Education on Tibetan Teenagers’ Moral Development Xue Han Abstract
Explanatory Models of Schizophrenia in the Tz’utujil Maya Robert Kohn Abstract
Multiple – and often conflicting – roles of Community Mental Health Workers in rural Chiapas, Mexico Eva Studer, Ana Ceci Ortega, Erika Valtierra Abstract
Determinants of Mental Illness and Care Seeking in Northern Haiti: An Assessment of Demographic, Social and Religio-Cultural Factors Among Patients at the First Mental Health Clinic in the Region Michael Galvin Abstract

3 – 3:30p ET

12a – 12:30p PT


3:30 – 5p ET

12:30 – 2p PT

Paper session 2: Social and structural determinants of health
Trainee and Faculty Perspectives on Cultural Psychiatry, Global Mental Health, and Social Determinants of Health in Psychiatry Residency: A Pilot Study Seeba Anam, Kathryn E. Gunter Abstract
The role of social norms on attitudes towards seeking mental health care for immigrants in Canada Sarah Benkirane Abstract
Ethnic Identity, Stress, and Personal Recovery Outcomes Among Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions Kiara Moore Abstract
Resilience in Sarajevo’s Post-War Generation: A Culturally-Consonant Model Benjamin Trnka Abstract
Workshop 3: Listening to stories: a narrative medicine approach to developing cultural humility Sally Huang, Francis Lu Abstract
Workshop 4: Narrative Exploration of Cultural Identities and Worldviews: Weaving A Cultural Mosaic or A Tangled Web? Kenneth Fung, Ted Lo Abstract
Paper session 3: Biology, the body, and mental health
Body and identity in victims of child sexual abuse Patricia Espinosa Hernandez Abstract
The Language of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Hashtags on Tumblr: A Mixed Ethnography and Network Analysis Approach Federica Guccini, Steve H. Lee Abstract
Social relationship quality, depression and inflammation: A cross-cultural longitudinal study in the United States and Tokyo, Japan Alan Teo, Benjamin Kaveladze Abstract
Similarities and Differences in Interoceptive Bodily Awareness Between US-American and Japanese Cultures Hiroe Hu Abstract

5 – 5:30p ET

2 – 2:30p PT

Optional: Interested in getting involved at SSPC? Meet the committee chairs.
Program Committee Anna Fiskin
Education Committee Kenneth Fung
Finance Committee Alan Teo
Advocacy Committee James Griffith
Trainees/Mentorship Committee Jenny Liu
Membership Committee Eric Jarvis
Family Interest Group Steven Wolin
Senior Advisory Group Effort (SAGE) Jim Boehnlein

Day 2, Friday, April 22, 2022

Time Session Speaker/Facilitator Abstract
12 – 1:15p ET
9 – 10:15a PT
Plenary Presentation: Journaling the Pandemic: What 25,000 Journal Entries Can Tell Us about the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19 Sarah S. Willen
Katherine A. Mason
1:15 – 1:30p ET
10:15 – 10:30a PT
1:30 – 3p ET
10:30a – 12p PT
Paper session 4: Reflexivity in practice: Racism and trauma in clinical care and training
“What you’re talking about there and then, It’s happening right here and now”: Managing Group Dynamics in the Multicultural Clinical Education Classroom Seamus Bhatt-Mackin, Annique Forester, Gabriela Nagy, Meenakshi Denduluri Abstract
A Qualitative Study of COVID-19 Vaccine Perceptions in Under Resourced, HIV-Seropositive, Black and Latinx Individuals with Cardiovascular Risks Tamra Loeb Abstract
Social Capital of Trauma in Medical School Admissions Jenna Pastorini Abstract
Clinician Responses to Language Barriers in an Emergency Psychiatry Department George Eric Jarvis Abstract
Workshop 5: Microaggression: Health Consequences and Community Strategies in South Asian Americans Ramaswamy Viswanathan, Karuna Poddar, Manan Shah, Dhruv Gupta Abstract
Workshop 6: Moral Distress and Moral Injury of Healthcare Providers: Cultural Impacts of “Medicine is a Business” James Griffith, Emily Schutzenhofer Abstract
Paper session 5: Exploring forms of care for refugees and asylum seekers
Ethical and Policy Considerations of Refugee Travel Loans – Encouraging Independence or Fostering Financial Coercion? A review Ahmad Adi Abstract
Thinking outside the (clinical) box: Eritrean refugee’s informal forms of support and healing Maya Fennig, Myriam Denov Abstract
Navigating norms of parenting; psychosocial support in refugee families Els Rommes Abstract
Fostering Agency, Belonging and Wellbeing for Asylum-Seeking Mothers at a Community-Based Psychosocial Support Program Yufei Wu Abstract
3 – 3:30p ET
12 – 12:30p PT
3:30 – 5pm ET
12:30 – 2p PT
An Introduction to MENA People in Cultural Psychiatry: A Curriculum by Members of the Advocacy Committee of the American Arab, Middle Eastern, and North African Psychological Association (AMENA-Psy) Layli Khaghani, Saba Ahmadi, Mohamed Elnakib, Nicole Fleischer Abstract
Centripetal versus Centrifugal Trends in Social and Cultural Psychiatry: A Conceptual Analysis Vincenzo Di Nicola Abstract
Development and Implementation of a Multicultural Consultation Team within a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Program Sara Pardej, Benjamin W. Katz, Brianna Young, Gabriela Nagy Abstract
Workshop 7: Multiple Perspectives on Identity in Therapy Larry Merkel Abstract
Workshop 8: Racism and psychiatry residency: A critical and systemic exploration of experiences Nadia Abdessettar, Pascal Chavannes, Minh Thi Nguyen Abstract
Paper session 6: Addressing historical roots and ongoing harms
Plantations, Prisons, and Psychiatrics: On the Criminalization of Mental Illness Dorothy Abram Abstract
Ethnopsychopharmacology: Marginalization and counter measures in white and non-white populations Mario Braakman Abstract
A Path Toward Mental Health Care with Northern and Indigenous Peoples of Canada Azaad Kassam Abstract
Mental Health Challenges Related to Neoliberal Capitalism in the United States Anna Zeira Abstract

Day 3, Saturday, April 23, 2022

Time Session Speaker/Facilitator Abstract
12 – 1:30p ET
9 – 10:30a PT
Symposium 2: The Importance and Therapeutic Effects of the Immigrant Narrative Abstract
The Cuban Diaspora: A Comparative Analysis of the Search for Meaning Among Recent Cuban Exiles and Cuban Americans Rodolfo Bonnin
Leaving for the “Nuevayores”: Dominican Immigrant Dreams and Aspirations Arturo Sanchez-Lacay
Immigrant Narratives Eugenio Rothe
Workshop 9: Reflections on identity in (clinical) practice Winny Ang Abstract
Workshop 10: Rupture, repair and pediatric mental health narratives – working with disrupted family systems at the crossroads of crisis Cody Roi, Charles Coleman Abstract
Workshop 11: The Psychiatry of Story Theatre Marc Andrew Hem Lee, Eden Almasude Abstract
Paper session 7: Designing and providing culturally sensitive care
Art and Cultural Psychiatry: Global initiatives of community engagement Jaswant Guzder Abstract
Narrative, Meanings and Cultural Encounters in Psychiatry Bipin Ravindran Abstract
A Narrative Review of Mental Illness Stigma Reduction Interventions Among African Americans in The United States Kevo Rivera Abstract
Psychedelic Psychotherapy and the Cultural Concept of the Person Khaleel Rajwani Abstract
1:30 – 1:45p ET
10:30 – 10:45a PT
1:45 – 2:30p ET
10:45 – 11:30a PT
Business Meeting
Everyone is welcome! Come learn about the organization, meet this year’s award winners, and hear where SSPC is headed next
2:30 – 3:30p ET
11:30a – 12:30p PT
Poster Session
Mental Health Literary in an Indonesian Context: A Scoping Review Ria Dwi Agustina Abstract
Depression and Anxiety in the Native Hawaiian-Pacific Islander Population. Mohab Ali Abstract
Language Access and Equity Issues Argyro Athanasiadi, Nithya Cherukuru, Anique Forrester Abstract
Disrupted Trajectories: Patient and Family Perspectives on Early Intervention Program Recovery for First Episode Psychosis Aleksandra Bacewicz Abstract
Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) for reducing implicit bias Eugenia Calvo Prieto Abstract
Navigating Help: A Case of a Deaf Woman with Post-partum Depression Requesting Psychiatric Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic Hajira Chaudhry, Bradley Judge Abstract
Idioms of Distress in Muslim and Congolese Refugee’s Perceptions of Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Aya Cheaito Abstract
Development of a Culturally Sensitive Asian American/Pacific Islander Curriculum for Child Psychiatry Trainees Crystal Han Abstract
Integrating cultural humility and awareness in undergraduate psychiatry education in Somaliland: An international Academic Collaboration Jibril Handuleh Abstract
Examining the Correlation between Social Determinants of Health, Mental Health, and Adverse Childhood Experiences Cathy Ng Abstract
Early identification of emerging child mental health problems: Explanations for SENCO’s differing practices in mixed population primary schools. Marloes Jaspers-van der Maten Abstract
The Christian Mental Health Initiative: Increasing Mental Health Literacy Among Black Church Leaders Atasha Jordan Abstract
Co-designing for Implementation: Development of the Cultivando Fortaleza to Reduce Acculturative Stress in Latinx Immigrants Gabriela Nagy Abstract
Trans(cending) Recovery: Discussions with Trans and Non-Binary Folks on Eating Disorder Recovery Alicia Pinelli Abstract
Psychiatric Needs and Community Perspectives of Mental Health Care on Guam, USA Rajkaran Sachdej Abstract
Together We RISE: Why does intersectionality matter? Applying an intersectional framework in psychiatry residency education Ceciley Scarbrough, Maia L. Ou Abstract
Medication Side-effect Concerns Interpreted as Paranoid Delusions in a Bilingual Patient from Mali: Case Study Andrew van der Vaart, David S. Mancini Abstract
Differences between Dutch and Turkish-Dutch individuals’ illness representations of depression and ADHD Iclal Yildiz Abstract
3:30 – 5p ET
12:30 – 2p PT
Paper session 8: The importance of intersectional approaches
The Art of Passing: The Interplay of Race and Ethnicity in Facial Feminization Surgeries Lukman-Afis Babajide Abstract
Suicide at the Intersections of Faith and Mental Health: Understanding Suicidal Behaviour and Distress in Young Muslim Canadians Zainab Furqan Abstract
Discrimination and Suicide Risk: The Intersectional Role of Gender Among Latinx Youth Sylvanna Vargas Abstract
Exploring Intersectionality in Adolescent Mental Health Through the Lens of Youth Collaborators Phillip Yang, Jolie Gomez, Jake Neill Abstract
Workshop 12: Our identities as psychiatrists: subspecialty and role diversity in cultural contexts G. Eric Jarvis, Sanya Virani, Victor Pereira-Sanchez, Sarah El Halabi, Bernadette Mdawar Abstract
Workshop 13: Strangers No More: Storytelling Strategies for Writing Our Selves and Connecting Communities Natasha Damiano, Karen Young, Alka Kumar Abstract
Resident Consultation Session Kenneth Fung, Anna Fiskin, Lisa Andermann