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by | March 15, 2013 | March 2013, Newsletter

by Shannon Suo

In my role as newsletter editor, I hope to include more news about SSPC members. In this issue, you will see a reprint of an article about John de Figueiredo that appeared in Psychiatric News. We aren’t always aware when our members make news, so please let us know! Submissions for the SSPC newsletter can be already published or original pieces (permission will need to be obtained for already published stories).

In an effort to improve services to our members without increasing dues/registration, SSPC will be exploring advertising options for the newsletter and website. If your piece is deemed to be more appropriate for one of those avenues, you will be notified and given the option of either revising your submission or purchasing advertising space. If you have any referrals for potential advertisers, please contact Liz Kramer. As mentioned previously I also welcome any input into the newsletter content, layout, or appearance. Please note that my e-mail has changed, so please contact me at if you have any feedback or concerns!

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